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New News: Winter 2018 Upholstery Workshop Dates Announced!

Very excited to announce that another wave of upholstery workshops will begin in the new year. And to kick things off, the first set of classes will take place on Saturday, February 10th and Saturday February 17th from 10am-1pm at the gorgeous and newly-renovated The Lemon Collective on Georgia Avenue in NW D.C.  Registration for both classes will open on Monday, January 1st 2018 at 10am. Class Details found here. *Please be sure to read all disclaimers regarding which chairs will be approved prior to purchasing your ticket. Workshop dates + times:  February 10th, 2018: 10am-1pm February 17th, 2018: 10am-1pm For any questions, please e-mail the studio at Looking forward to more of you joining a workshop in the new year! --Nicole

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Designing a new collection for 2018: A Thought Process

Sharing is one of my greatest joys. I work solo most of the time, so any chance I get to share the process with others is a treat.  For the past few weeks I've been culling photos and swatches as inspiration for my next collection for the Spring of 2018, and this is hands down my favorite part of the process because once something clicks I love the spark of visualizing it as a chair instantly. The possibilities are endless, the imagination is limitless, and the energy is like a wild current. The mood board here shows a peek at the textures, patterns and colors that have been speaking to me lately.    I'm still in my fascination period with jewel tones, particularly emerald green...

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No Basic Zone: Pink Sofa Moodboard

Earlier this year I received an email from a client requesting a project that was all the way in my lane: makeover their sofa in a funky, bold, and unconventional way. And make it pink. With any commission I take on or design for my personal collection I keep in mind a simple directive for my work: no basic zone. (Shout out to the patron saint Rihanna). I've created a mood board for one of the design pitches where I envisioned a pink sofa with lush velvet or possibly linen fabric, and cushions stuffed with down feathers. The piping around the edges of the sofa would be styled after some hot pink box braids. (I love an unconventional twist to regular single piping...

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Welcome to Studio 705

January 30th, 2017. The day the studio doors of Nicole Crowder Upholstery officially opened and ushered in a year of wild and beautiful moments. This year saw the debut of my first furniture collection at West Elm (aye!), more upholstery workshops, wonderful clients and fresh collaborations, a move into and out of my first workspace studio, more travel, more inspiration, more mistakes and failures (cannot overstate how these have kept me in check).  Many seeds planted in 2017 are now dream collaborations on the calendar for projects throughout 2018 that I'm excited to share with you in the coming months. But more so I'm looking forward to using this space to launch the 'Studio 705' blog, named after my apartment, the place where I officially re-launched...

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