Moodboard for Pink Sofa

No Basic Zone: Pink Sofa Moodboard

Earlier this year I received an email from a client requesting a project that was all the way in my lane: makeover their sofa in a funky, bold, and unconventional way. And make it pink.

With any commission I take on or design for my personal collection I keep in mind a simple directive for my work: no basic zone. (Shout out to the patron saint Rihanna).

I've created a mood board for one of the design pitches where I envisioned a pink sofa with lush velvet or possibly linen fabric, and cushions stuffed with down feathers. The piping around the edges of the sofa would be styled after some hot pink box braids. (I love an unconventional twist to regular single piping when it works). The stitching on the cushions would replace single cord piping with a surprise cross stitch pattern instead. Is this enough dirty talk for now or shall I carry on? 

Because I love (i.e am obsessed with!) mixing textures on upholstered furniture, I thought about about either constructing feathers or paper flowers and dying them the same shade of pink as the couch and sewing them or adhering them to fabric to be used on the back panel of the sofa. The back panel is the my absolute favorite canvas to play when designing sofas and chairs. I love envisioning the backs largely because I'm enamored with the backs of shirts and dresses on women. Check it out. I have a whole Pinterest board. (Back It Up) It's a great area to play and be a little sexy, a little coy, a little risque. 

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