Where Have All the Upholstery Workshops Gone?

Where Have All the Upholstery Workshops Gone?

After a little hiatus I'm excited to be revamping the Studio 705 blog, where I hope to make this a space to share all the new news happening in and outside the Nicole Crowder Upholstery.

In addition to launching the new fall collection "The Fruit", one of the other notable changes you may recognize to the website is that there is no longer a tab for Upholstery Workshops. What happened, you ask? The simple reason is my joy and energy for teaching those classes began to wane, and I've decided to take a break from them for a little while.

When I initially started teaching classes in 2014 it was a fun way to gather a few excitable folks together in a beautiful space and teach what at the time was a one-off class held once a month. After 5 years and over 250 wonderful attendees, the inquiries for more classes increased, so the class frequency and capacity increased. The chair sizes that attendees wanted to bring grew despite disclaimers for only small chair sizes being permitted, and I found myself doing more work outside the workshops beyond the allotted three-hour time frame. The workshops, while something I have enjoyed creating a form of community around, in short became exhausting. I strongly believe the energy I give to my work transfers to the person(s) receiving it, and so I knew that my growing lack of enthusiasm for this experience meant I needed to stop and change course. 

The past few months have given me space to reassess what I do enjoy about the workshops and the ways I want to be able to contribute to my community through my work. As of now the workshops will go quiet. And should they return it will hopefully be with a different structure in a new space that will accommodate a smaller number of people, but hopefully the same joy and ease I originally found through them.

Thank you to everyone who registered or told a friend to register. I appreciate your support over the years.



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