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Fall 2018 Collection // The Fruit

Inspired by the rich depth of the color green and the sumptuous vibrancy of colors found in nature, "The Fruit" 2018 Fall Collection by Nicole Crowder Upholstery is a visual interpretation of the fruits of labor but also the the seeds that have been planted and come to bear through exploration, rebirth, alignment, and taking risks.

"The Fruit" mixes bold jewel tone color palettes like neon orange, electric blue, emerald green and marigold yellow with, textures and prints that include vinyl leather, velvet and the natural fibers of cotton and linen. 

The starting point for this collection was the color green, very specific shades of saturated emeralds and hunters with a drop of turquoise. Green represents so much around rebirth and renewal and life, and this past summer I was inspired to create a collection that centered that color and represented an expansion of how I work, think and create.