A Note on New Instagram Account

Hello friends,
On Friday, February 12th, my Instagram account (@nicolemcrowder) was hacked into and all my information was subsequently deleted. As of February 20th the account has been restored, thank you to the efforts of the online community sharing and reposting this incident. 
The experience of posting in one moment and then having your work and persona in an online space be erased in the next will jar and make me uneasy for a very long time, but I also am aware this can be the nature of the internet.
I've always been intentional about documenting and archiving my work and my process through photographs, video and writing, so nothing of true value--most of all my design signature--can ever be lost. 
I'm grateful Instagram is a tool and not a home, and that I can operate outside of it, but so much community has been built within it, and I am ready to get back to sharing and engaging with you.  
I'm looking forward to fulfilling and shipping your meditation pillows, which have not been impacted, and will be releasing a fresh set of pillows that will be on a "pay what you want" offering on February 23rd. 
Thank you again so much for your love and your support and your community.
Back to creating beautiful things together.
With love, Nicole