A Sunrise...and a Sunset


For twelve years I have called DC home -- the past 3.5 of which have allowed me to start and grow into the second act of my life as a full-time upholsterer and designer. The opportunities and growth during this period have been beyond my imagination of what I initially set out to do as an upholsterer. 

In the spirit of returning home to oneself, and honoring the prompting of spirit to move where it feels called, I'm excited to share I'll be moving to Los Angeles at the close of 2020. The seed to live and continue my work beyond DC has been planted in my mind for a little while, and I'm eager to welcome a different pace of living, of being.

DC and my beloved East Coast, thank you endlessly for every way you have supported, nurtured, challenged, and amplified my life and my work. For inviting me to add memories through color and pattern to your homes, offices, restaurants and hotels. Thank you for coming out to the workshops and the pop ups and the craft shows.To my friends across multiple fields and sectors, I could not and would not be the maker I am without your imprint. Thank you for embracing my work as I continue to excavate my own understanding of my design sensibilities and style. 

West Coast, I'm so hype to see you! To enjoy your warmth and spaciousness and ease. To continue designing vibrant furniture and decor for every phase of your home journey as I continue exploring my own. I'm excited to collaborate and create new visuals together through design in the new year, so please be in touch!


Below I have tried to answer a few questions there may be regarding services, meditation pillows and anything in between as I begin to transition my work from DC.  


Are you going to continue upholstering furniture on the West Coast?

100% yes. I will continue to do upholstery, will just be headquartered in Los Angeles.

Are still be taking upholstery clients in the DMV through 2020?

While I am no longer accepting new client work in DC for the remainder of 2020, Nicole Crowder Upholstery will open for new commissions in 2021.

The intention is to be fluid and able to work with clients wherever they are. I’m grateful to have grown a team of dedicated craftsmen and women that include seamstresses, woodworkers and and handful of upholsterers who will continue handling services for DMV-based clients. And I will continue conducting fabric consultations and sourcing designs remotely.

Will there be any more upholstery workshops?

There won’t be any more DC workshops, but hopefully in 2021, if opportunity and circumstance allow, I hope to begin hosting small workshops in Los Angeles.

Will you continue to offer monthly meditation pillows releases?

Absolutely. The pillows are part of my ritual and they will remain part of the products offered through Nicole Crowder Upholstery.

The last monthly drop from DC will be December 1st 2020. Collaborations and new product designs are also in the works with some wonderful brands, and I'm excited to share those designs with you in the near future. But meditation design drops will resume once I have resettled in 2021. And of course any and all meditation pillow orders that have been placed in the past couple of months will be filled and delivered prior to moving.

How can we support your move to LA?

Firstly, thank you! Spreading the word to your circle and networks that I will be available for upholstery work out West would be wonderful. (And if you want to help me pack I wouldn't be mad haha).