One-On-One Virtual Upholstery Lessons With Nicole

Currently in the midst of or planning to work on an upholstery project that might be a bit intimidating? Need some assistance with sewing or fully reupholstering a chair or furniture piece that you want to give new life at home?
Throughout 2024 Nicole is offering one-on-one upholstery lessons to help you work your way through any of your current or future upholstery projects. 

These sessions are meant to assist in troubleshooting and/or completing to help you successfully navigate your current or future home projects. Learn about all the tools, fabrics, and resources that Nicole uses, as well as get one on one step-by-step, help from stripping your chair all the way to refinishing it. This session can also be used if you are currently in the midst of a project and need help with a portion of your chair or with inside on how to make certain cuts, how to sew certain parts of the chair, etc.
Sessions are $500 and are two hours. The sessions can be broken up into however you would like (ie: 2 whole hours at once, 1 hour on two separate days, 30 minute sessions totaling 2 hours, etc). Should your project require an additional session outside of that two hours in order to complete, additional sessions will be $50 each. Sign up for a time slot via Calendly below.