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Upholstery Retreat Fall 2018

Your Invitation to A Creative Upholstery Retreat For the Soul

In 2014 I had the chance to host my first ever upholstery workshop at Yoga Heights Studio in Washington, D.C. Fast forward to 2018 and that class set off a wild and beautiful trajectory of teaching over 200 women and men to reupholster over 200 chairs, benches and ottomans over the past 4 years.

It’s been a long-time hope of broadening that experience to allow more of you to attend and have a more immersive experience in this labor of love called upholstery, and so I’m thrilled to announce the first Nicole Crowder Upholstery Retreat: a two-day retreat focused on upholstering your larger chairs, igniting your inner furniture designer, and hopefully providing you a rejuvenating and calming space to design your dream piece.

Picture it: a restorative design retreat in a beautiful space. On the agenda, a day full of learning how to reupholstering your favorite piece of furniture from start to finish while sharing in meals with fellow attendees, discussing all things fabric, design and the creative spirit before receiving a complimentary massage for your hard work at the end of the day, all against the backdrop of a beautiful, bright home in the Virginia countryside in the fall.

With the inaugural 2018 Nicole Crowder Upholstery Retreat, that experience can be yours to have.  

What you will Experience:

  • Lodging at a beautiful home in Virginia countryside for one overnight stay. (Location announced after registration confirmation.) Location will be a picturesque 2-hour drive from D.C.
  • A deeper dive into the craft of upholstery where you will learn to strip and reupholster your chair, bench or ottoman, and learn how to sew piping double piping and single piping.
  • Private dinner in the Tea Room of Common House restaurant in Charlottesville.
    • Complimentary breakfast the next morning will be provided
    • A creative ice breaker where you’ll be able to sketch and design a chair using Nicole’s personal stock of fabric from vendors across the country, as well as online fabric resources that Nicole uses for her client work.
    • A complimentary 15-minute massage from a local massage therapist. A treat to you at the end of the retreat once you have completed work on your chair to help loosen those muscles you worked up and send you back home in a relaxed and get rejuvenated state.
    • Design mood boards for your dream furniture project
    • Access to furniture, fabric and hardware resources from Nicole


    What You’ll Bring:

    • Comfortable and casual attire for dinner, and reupholstering
    • The chair, bench, ottoman or stool of your choice. Please note: if you need a chair or bench or stool provided for you, an additional fee of $150 will be requested in addition to the registration fee.
    • Your fabric of choice. If you need fabric provided to you please e-mail Nicole in advance.
    • Payment for dinner at a local restaurant during the first night.


    Registration Fee:

    $380 per person.

    To register, payment must be made in full in advance via Venmo or PayPal to reserve your spot. For Venmo, please send to @Nicole-Crowder. For PayPal, please send to You are also welcome to pay via check or credit card if you prefer.


    Retreat Date:

    October 20th-21st, 2018


    Virginia. Exact location announced upon registration confirmation.

    Spots available:

    15 spots are available for this retreat. Once spots have been filled registration will close.


    Please note while this retreat does allow for larger furniture items to be upholstered, all chairs, benches, and small stools must be approved by Nicole before the retreat. Couches, chaise lounges, settees or loveseats are not permitted. Please e-mail a photo of your intended chair to Nicole at



    Registration fees help to cover upfront costs as well as all materials and tools purchased for the retreat. The registration fee guarantees your spot as one of 15 attendees and refunds will not be issued once tickets have been purchased. If you find you are no longer able to attend, you are able to sell or transfer your ticket to another person who would like to attend.


    Looking forward to seeing you!