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Nicole Crowder Upholstery

Almond Joy Rocking Chair: Nicole Crowder Upholstery Kids

Almond Joy Rocking Chair: Nicole Crowder Upholstery Kids

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 Upholstered in a woven chocolate brown fabric with medium raised texture, and a complementing geometric print in cream, this sturdy rocking chair was designed for complementing rooms with natural hues or those with accent walls that needed a piece to anchor it. Perfectly sized for tiny ones, it nestles snugly in any corner, playroom or secret hideaway.

And what’s more is the chair features a tiny pocket on either side of the chair, perfect for tucking away books, a tablet, miniature toys or hiding the remote from the adults 🥰

Dimensions: 15” L x 21” W x 22” H

Note: The Almond Joy Chair is for children aged 2-6, although the age range may vary depending the child.

 Each furniture item is one of one, and will include a signature on the inside of the frame.  

Shipping is $135 and is handled by UPS, and chairs ship within 1-2 weeks

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