Meditation Pillow: Designer's Choice

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Nicole Crowder Upholstery custom meditation pillows are made with 100% organic buckwheat hulls, and are designed to support your meditation practice from start to finish.
The designs come in 7 different vibrant styles made from a printed textiles from Nicole's vast collection. 
With "Designer's Choice", Nicole will choose a design from the dozens of prints and patterns in our inventory as a surprise for you. *Please note: this selection of pillows is NOT part of the limited edition "8x8" collection. Those pillows you can be found here.
Many designs and patters are represented below, but we have over 3 dozen styles that we have created.
-Pillows are 4 lbs. each and are shipped via UPS
Cleaning care:
As buckwheat hulls are loose, it is not recommended you try and wash the pillows in the washing machine or other apparatus. To clean any stains on the fabric apply a clean, damp towel that has been soaked in warm water with soap or natural fabric cleaner and gently blot stain on pillow. Let air dry.