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Nicole Crowder Upholstery

Mulberry Chair: Nicole Crowder Upholstery Kids

Mulberry Chair: Nicole Crowder Upholstery Kids

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Introducing our charming antique “Mulberry” rocking chair designed to delight and inspire young imaginations. This chair is the perfect addition to any child's room, providing a cozy and comfortable spot for them to relax, read, or play. An antique rocking chair featuring a sturdy frame and a plush padded seat for optimal support. It also feature soft velvet accents in emerald green 

Dimensions: 23” W X 21” H X 15” L

Note: The Mulberry is for children aged 3-7, although the age range may vary depending the child.

 Each furniture item is one of one, and will include a signature on the inside of the frame.  

Shipping is $135 and is handled by UPS, and chairs ship within 1-2 weeks

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